Due to COVID-19, our Sunday services will be outdoors.


Home Church exists to make Jesus known by making disciples and planting churches.  


To live in genuine relationship with JESUS. All people are created for relationship. But the most important relationship we have is our relationship with Jesus. He pursued us and restored our broken relationship with him when he gave up his life on the cross. Being Gospel centered is loving Jesus and what he did for us more than anything else.
To grow as the FAMILY of God in loving community. When Jesus saves, he saves us into his family. He is the head of the family and we are his sons and daughters. A Gospel community is an authentic and loving family, living out God’s commands together. So our second priority is to love our brothers, sisters, and neighbors with the same kind of love Jesus showed us.
To live for ETERNITY by sharing the Gospel to the world. The relationship we have with Jesus and with his family is personal. But what Jesus did on the cross has eternal implications for all people. Either you are separated from God for eternity, or you are restored with him for eternity. Gospel mission is the church introducing the world to Jesus so that their lives can be changed forever.


We believe that Jesus is the ultimate authority in our lives. The primary way we submit to his authority is by obeying the words he spoke through the Bible. Everything we do is led and shaped by the Bible because it is God’s words given to us.

Worship is our daily lifestyle and interaction with God. However, we believe that we are also called to worship corporately, not just individually. Our corporate worship is an intentional time for the church to commune with God through the teaching of the Bible, prayer, and song.
The Bible gives many commands to do things for one another. Therefore, our time here on earth is not just for ourselves but it is to live in relationship with the people around us. Community happens when broken people come together to experience acceptance, direction, correction, and love from one another.

God’s original plan has always been to use the church to transform the world. Rather than being apart from the world, we believe the church should be the community that has the greatest impact on society. Therefore, we are committed to fighting for biblical justice and being a voice to create restoration.
We believe that the Gospel is the key to reconciliation in this world. The Gospel bridges the gaps we have created in our own brokenness. So through the ministry of reconciliation, we will work hard to be a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-cultural, and multi-generational people.

Home Church is not the ultimate goal. Rather, we want to see Jesus known all over the world. Therefore, we will be a church that plants churches. As we multiply in discipleship, membership, and leadership, we will send people out into the world for the glory of God.